Beauty From Ashes...

I've had what seems like a life long love of jewelry. As a little girl, I used to love going jewelry shopping with my mom and helping her pick her next treasure. As I got older, my love of art and jewelry grew into a passion for design and metalwork. I began taking college courses and eventually changed my major from music to jewelry design. However, the more involved I became in the craft, the more I realized how much material is wasted or cast aside, when it's still perfectly good and could be reused and made into something even more beautiful. A concept was born......Metal Phoenix Designs was established in 2016. It is an eco-conscious jewelry and accessories line created to give vintage and antique components a second chance by recycling them and combining them with new materials. Metal Phoenix Designs accomplishes two objectives that I am very passionate about; reducing the carbon footprint created by the manufacture of jewelry and the mining of gemstones and metals, and bringing delight to those environmentally conscious souls who want to enjoy beautiful adornments without guilt. I view jewelry and accessories as wearable art. They should make a statement, while maintaining comfort and functionality. My aesthetic is simple, yet unique. A piece from Metal Phoenix Designs is like a Phoenix rising out of the ashes; re-purposed, renewed, and reborn into something creative and meaningful.


Nille Barrett, Creator/ Designer

Metal Phoenix Designs